Small Live Online Video Classrooms

Camp Groups are led by experienced teachers with small classroom sizes.

Beginner Friendly Languages

Our classes are designed to introduce new coding concepts to any student without experience, and offer more advanced classes as well.

Only Two Hours Per Day

  • Consistent Parent Updates
  • Spark New Interest For Real World Programming
  • 4 Classes To Choose From
  • Parents Are Distraction Free For 10 Hours a Week

Our Teachers

Our staff is thouroughly vetted and trained by educators working in the tech industry.

They are fun loving role models for your learner who have strong communication skills and a passion for technology. They are always excited for camp, and so will your learner!


Our Students

Our goal is to make sure that our students have a great experience when exposed to coding concepts for the first time. We hope to encourage further interest in coding for our students and pursue this in their future studies.

We offer two hour sessions daily that you can sign up for each week or for the whole month!


Our Courses

Scratch Web Development
Build interactive games and movies Design your own website using HTML and CSS
Learn fundamental programming skills Learn concepts and logic of Javascript
Learn simple data structures Loops, functions, conditionals, and much more
Create a game as your final project! Build a portfolio website as your final project!

Python Roblox Game Design
Learn the fundamentals of a scripting language Learn coding and game design through Roblox
A functional language used in programs around the world Learn concepts by creating traps and powerups
Loops, functions, conditionals, and much more Variables, functions, logic, loops, and more
Create a visual program or text based game as a final project! Design a game or world as your final project!

Three Simple Steps To Choose Your Package

Costs are $125 for the 2 hour a day classes (10 total hours) and 400$ for the whole month (40 total hours)

Pick Which Week Works Best

We have weekly classes running on weekdays 12PM to 2PM (PST) this whole summer

Choose Which Program Type You want

2 hours a day for 1 week
2 hours a day for 1 month
(New class each week)

Select Which Curriculum You’d Like to Learn

We have 4 options of curriculum that alternate each week. Scratch, Web Development, Roblox Game Design, and Python!

Send us an email to enroll at

Or call us with any questions you have!
408 206 0424