Here Are Some Of The Questions We Get Asked Often

If this is your student's first coding class, regardless of age, we recommend our Scratch class to learn fundamentals of programming. If your student has previous knowledge of programming, we recommend the Web Development and Python class.

If your student is interested in Game Design / Video Games we recommend Scratch and Roblox Game Development!

In this class your student will learn the basics of programming including how to write instructions for a machine, simple data structures, programming logic (conditionals, loops, variables), and exciting applications of scratch such as games and movies.

In this class your student will learn how to construct a user interface using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They will learn the power of creating a website and gain experience with methodology used in industry today.

In this class your student will be learning the basics of setting up Roblox as well as skybox customization (lighting, environment, terrain) and animations. Each student will complete a final project that is a map or a game.

In this class your student will be learning the fundamentals of Python scripting through logic, loops, data structures, and much more. The project will either be a visual program or text-based game.

It is inherently more difficult to keep students focused on a virtual class with nobody else in the room, so we have games and engagement strategies specifically designed to keep our campers engaged online for the full 2 hours. Many of our games involve physical movement, breaking up the monotony of sitting in front of a screen, or visual perception, keeping the student's attention on the class.

Yes! For each parent you refer we will give you 20% off your program. Up to 100% off!

If our camp is not working out for you, please let us know within the first two days, and we will give you your money back!